White Tiger Holding Company, Inc. 






White Tiger Holdings Co. is a diverse holding company that united several businesses and was established in 2010. The Holding focused its interests and business activities in four main areas.


1.    Holding operates as a 'Green' renewable energy and technology company. The Holding directs substantial resources on developing new technical solutions for the purpose of creating ecologically clean, safe and affordable alternative energy. All technical solutions are based on fundamental science, implementing new ideas using advanced engineering and the latest scientific achievements. The company focuses on problems involving new developments with the implementation of energy-efficient heating and air-conditioning systems.The company is also participating in energy conversion projects involving new methods of safe and economic transformation of different forms of energies, including all types of renewable resources, creating clean, safe and affordable renewable energy.The founder and CEO of  this renewable energy and technology company is

            Dr. Aleksandr Sherman


2.    Holding operates as an educational organization which sponsors talented individuals and provides them with unique opportunities worldwide.The company's CEO has been involved in providing educational programs for international students since 1996. This organization works closely with local governmental agencies and private companies as well as with businessmen and philanthropists around the world that recognize the importance of our cause and support our unique programs.The company's activities include the cooperation of a number of universities, movie production studios and art centers throughout the Eastern Europe.The company is currently involved in expanding its business operations in the US and exploring new unique possibilities for the talented individuals. The founder and CEO of this educational organization is

            Dr. Aleksandr Sherman  


3.    Holding operates as an international consultant and organizer of small and mid-sized businesses. It unites companies for the purpose of expanding market capabilities, increasing revenues of manufactured products, introducing new products and assisting in business developments. Holding offers unique opportunities for companies in EU and  provides our clients with  access to the US financial markets . This company, has over 20 years experience in international business developments. We directly work with each client-company, individually asses,evaluate and plan further developments of the company, using many different traditional and non-traditional methods. We provide the link between EU companies with assets and US public entities to create a mutually desired result and co-operation.The founder and CEO of this international consulting company is Vladimir Naginskiy.


4.    Holding operates as a financial - insurance consulting company, developing new ideas and insurance products, designing sophisticated premium financing programs, exclusively for the insurance industry and financial institutions in the US. The company offers over 100 years of estate planning experience to it's clients. It is a unique pairing of traditional values of integrity and accountability; with an innovative drive to provide clients with market leading strategies and private counseling.The founder and CEO of this very unique financial - insurance consulting company is

            Sherwood M. Schwarz.